Word Basic Functions (Images, Shapes and Word Art)

Adding Images


Using this button which is found in the insert tab you can add images which are already preset with microsoft office package. Just simply click and enter the name of the picture you want for example a car enter car then double click it and your image will be ported to the page.

Inserting Images


Using this button you can insert images of your own with are saved on you computer on a a memory stick. Just Click on it and find your file and press open it very simple

Adding Shapes


Using this button you can insert shapes into your page shapes ranging from circles to arrows. You can even add speech bubbles and much more. Just click on the button and then find your shape and hold the left mouse click and finally stretch and let go.

Word Art


This button lets you change the text effect like this:


Simply click and select your design and enter your text and then finally click ok and you're done! You can even make your own designs by changing the colour, outline of the text and make it even 3D.

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