Word Basic Functions (Fonts)

This is a simple guide explaining the basic and most used functions in word. Each function is labelled with an image placed above it to show you which function is which.

Here are the functions

Font Style Button


This allows you to change the size and the text style of the font. On the left is the font style modifier and on the right is the size modifier. This function is found in the Home tab in Microsoft Word 2007.

Extra Font Options


These are basically extra things you can do to your font for example the first option starting from the right in a capital "B" is the BOLD Function. This makes your text stand out more for example this can be used to make your headings stand out when doing essays or articles. Just Simple highlight your text and click on this button.

Continuing on the "I" with is sort of leaning to its right is the Italic Function. have you ever noticed how italians write bent. Well this is the function to turn your text into italic style text. Just highlight your text and Click this button. It works on All Types Of Font.

Lastly the "U" which is underlined is well the Underline Function. It simple lets you underline any text whether its bold, italic, different font style or even in caps lock or not. Just simply highlight your text and click this button and your done!

The last button with a capital A and a small a is not a basic everyday used function so wont need to go much detail in that is just simple allows you to change a letter or a entire word into either Capital Letters or NON Capital Letters.


Text Aligning Function


This functions allows you to Align (place) the text anywhere wether on the left, right or even centre and you can even have the text spread out all over the page just simple highlight the part of the text you want to move and click any of the buttons above.

Font Colour Options


These are functions to add colour to your text, the first on the left is the hightlighter you simply just highlight your text and press this to add a rectangle box around your text. you can choose lots of colours ranging from blue, red, green and so on. This is very useful for marking or making essays etc.

The second is the text colour changer this just changes the font colour into green, blue, red and so on. Very easy to use, all you is again highlight the text and click this button

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