Introduction to Reason

Reason, is the state of the art music edditing and creating software. Synthesizers, samplers, drum machine, REX file loop player, professional mastering tools, mixer, vocoder, world class effects, pattern sequencer and many more. These are just some of the products that the software can porvide.

Reason is fairly easy to learn, and is very user friendly, but from personal experiance there are some drwabacks to reason, they are that reason works to its fulliest is when it is used on an apple mac. This is also an advantage because reason is a lot faster and easier to use.

Some of the main Devices in Reason

Dr.Rex loop player

To know about Dr.Rex loop player go to………Dr Rex Loop PLayer Dr. Rex Loop Player

The Reason Rack


To know about The Rack go to……..The Reason Rack



To know about the ReDrum device, then go to…………ReDrum

These are the main devices that will control the MIDI instrument and the drum and other loops. also from experiance i would suggest that these are the best devices to use.

Introduction to Reason- Part 1


Introduction to Reason- Part 2


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