What is HCI

Human–computer interaction or HCI is the study of interaction between people (The users) and computers. The interaction between users (People/humans) and computers occurs when the users use an interface. An interface includes both software and hardware, for example, computer hardware and even large-scale systems, such as aircrafts.

Impacts on society

There are many ways in which the human computer interfaces can have an impact on society. Some of the ways that it can have an impact are mentioned below;
One of the ways that HCI’s (human computer interface) can have an impact on society is the usability of the software. This means that the interface will be used much more. An example of this is the windows software. The windows XP software is much easier to use than the Windows vista software, so the usability is more.
Another way that the HCI’s can impact society is that they can help people with disabilities use the interfaces with ease. For example people with sight impairment will be able to use the interfaces with ease as all they will have to do is speak and the computer microphone will type the words automatically. This has allowed people with disabilities to improve their social interaction, work and helps them be more involved with the society around them.
Also another impact of the HCI’s is the impact on hostile environments. The interfaces that can help in hostile environments include things like remote control access or virtual reality control. This is helpful as when you are in hostile environments the users will be able to use devices through interfaces without getting hurt.
The impact on society that I am going to talk about is going to be the usability of the interface.
When we say the usability we mean if the software is easier to use (improved usability) or if it is harder to use.

Impacts on the economy

Increased automation – less manual labour needed (less people) you don’t need such a large workforce. On the other hand the economy saves money no employees. They’re making them cheaper so they sell them cheaper. Economy loses money because people haven’t got enough money to spend on things because of no jobs.
Productivity per individual – with technology things like sending e-mail to lots of people becomes easy as you will not have to write 10 different letters you will be able to do things like mail merge. Also things like business meetings using video links instead of travelling abroad

Impacts on the culture

Some cultures don’t have technology. If they had technology it could have the following impacts on the culture. One of the impacts is that they can get translation sites which allow them to see and read their e-mails in their own languages. This will have an impact on cultures because they will be able to meet and talk to people from other cultures and in turn they will be able to communicate and get to know each other. This can prevent things like wars between cultures and racism as people will understand the other cultures and their traditions.

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