Computer Systems

Computer Systems

A computer system consists of hardware and software.

Hardware: The physical components (electronic circuits ) that make up the computer.

Software: The computer programs (Sequence of intructions ) that tell the computer what to do in response to a command or some event.

The components of a computer

All computers, what ever their size or function, have certain basic components. They have input devices for reading data into main memory , a central processing unit (CPU) for processing the data, output devices for printing , displaying or outputing information, and auxiliary storage devices for permanent storage of programs and data.

Below is a block diagram of a computer system


Types of computer

We are so used to seeing PCs on desktops at home, school, businesses and other organisations that it is easy to forget that there are other types of computer.

Mnicomputers are often used as a multi-user systems, with hundreds of workstations or terminals attachted …[to be finished]..

Mainframe computers are often used as multi-user systems, with hundreds of workstations or terminal attached to it at geographicaly remote locations, and occupy an entire site with hundreds of disk drives and other hardware units. Frequently, the actual siting of a mainframe computer is kept secret to lessen the danger of a terrorist attack that could cause chaos to an organisation.

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