Game Genres

What is a Genre?

All video games are categorized into genres; genres are based on their game play interaction. Such as First Person Shooter Games (FPS), Role Playing Games (RPG), Educational Games and Simulation Games etc… Genre is also a particular style of art which means that users can tell which game relates to which specific genre. In order to do this the user can just look at the appearance of the game or by interacting with it.

First Person Shooter (FPS)

First Person Shooter which is also commonly known as FPS’s are games which are controlled by the player ,in order to do this the player can emphasize different types of shooting and combat techniques so that they can fulfill their gaming experience. The point of playing a FPS is to give the player the feeling of being there and witnessing all the different types of actions which are taking place within the game. This type of Genre also allows the player to focus on the target. When playing FPS games users will tend to notice that they will have a variety of different types of difficulty levels which require fast paced and quick reflexes.
The first game which had fast paced and 3D elements was called Wolfenstein 3D this game was created in the 1980’s and it took the gaming market buy storm as everyone wanted to experience the first FPS game. The game Wolfenstein 3D is about an American Soldier who escapes from the Nazis, the game is full of guards and attacking dogs which makes the game more interesting to play. Today we also have a number of different types of FPS such as the Halo series.

Role Playing Game (RPG)

Role Playing Game is also known as (RPG) these are games which players have to assume the roles of fictional characters such as monsters or super heroes and so on… All these different types of fictional characters are chosen by the players, once they have selected this they will then need to act out their fictional characters characterization. Whilst playing fictional games users have the ability in order to improvise their characters movements and decide on their whereabouts while playing the game. This shows a great sign of freedom while the players are playing.

Educational Games

Educational Games are designed to test the knowledge while users are playing the game. Majority of Educational Games are mainly targeting the young generation from about three years and pass the mid teens. Even though educational games can also be used for adults too this is so that they can also brush up on their learning skills and mental athrimetic. Majority of the Educational Games mainly focus on Maths and English but some have a variety of different types of subjects.

Simulation Games

A Simulation Game is a collective term for computer software e.g. a vehicle simulation game is a game which attempts to simulate accurately such as auto racing. While playing simulation games users have the ability in order to carry out the real life situations such as fuel usage, damage, tire ware, grip and also suspension settings. When playing a simulation game players will need to have the ability in order to understand the main aspects when playing a simulator racing game this same attitude will apply to other simulation games. A Flight Simulation is used in the same way as a racing simulator the difference between the two games is that Flight Simulator has more responsibilities in order to keep the plan in the air.

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