AntiVirus Software

AntiVirus Software

This can occasionally be written or known an Anti-virus. These are basically computer programs that help to identify the problem/error location , take care of harmful software. The word"antivirus is used because one of the first few antivirus examples were created exclusively to take on computer viruses;but nowadays most modern antivirus software are designed to identify a number of threats such as worms,trojans (also known as Malware),phishing attacks,rootkits,keyloggers etc.

Some anti-virus softwares target different areas of the computer some just check the registery, some check emails to make sure that tha attachments are safe, some scan and check websites so that they can alert the user that this website carries threats such as pop-ups and spywares, When you download programs,videos etc some internet browsers like Mozilla Firefox and the-internet Explorer once successfully downloaded run a virus scan to make sure the file isn't infected.


There are various well known virus softwares such as Mcafee,Norton Anti-Virus, AVG. These are well known because they all provide the best kind of protection for your computer from viruses,attachments, trojans etc.

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