Adobe Photoshop CS3 Tools

Adobe Photoshop CS3 Tools

The move tool (V)

The move tool should be used to move objects around the workspace. The move tool also can rezise objects and if the Shift key is held, it resizes the shape maintaining the aspect ratio.

Rectangular Marquee Tool (M)

The rectangular marquee tool can be used to highlight a certain part of a object and then can be edited using photoshop tools. Holding shift and selecting part of a object will highlight the object in a perfect square.

Polygon Lasso Tool (L)

The Polygon Lasso Tool has the same features as the rectangular marquee tool but it allows you to make your own selection of a object rather than selecting a square. Once the selection is made, if the CTRL button is pressed, when the user clicks again, it closes the selection.

Magic Wand Tool (W)

The magic wand tool selects the colour range from the users selection. Using the tool bar at the top, you can make it more/less precise.

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